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Guide to Courier Service from Singapore to Malaysia

Malaysia is a well-known shipping destination that mostly relies on international trade. It is, in fact, one of the most popular destinations for international shippers and individuals in terms of delivering their parcels to Malaysia. You must be aware of Malaysia's tariff rates for each commodity while sending pallets, mail, or packages from Singapore.

Malaysia Trucking Services to Entire Malaysia

You will need to find a swift and dependable shipping partner or trucking services company to reach your location in Malaysia. Your trucking partner should also be aware of what you can and cannot send into the country, as well as the inter-city logistics fees and documentation requirements.

Furthermore, there are a number of variables to consider when transporting your products from Singapore to Malaysia.

Given the shortage of international flights, sea cargo to Malaysia and cross-border haulage may be feasible alternatives to air freight due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Even though they are slightly slower than pre-COVID air freight timetables, they are still superior to predicted air freight delays at this time. Let’s take a look at 3 points:

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Finding your courier partner to get your parcel to Malaysia

Because the causeway connects Singapore and Malaysia, cross-border trucking is a highly viable option to consider when shipping to Malaysia. Cross-border trucking services may be much cheaper as compared to sea freight and air freight. In terms of the delivery time, it is also very fast and direct! This option may be used for either a cross-border delivery plan or a local distribution strategy, depending on your needs.

You should engage companies that have local expertise in Malaysia and will guide you through what you can send into Malaysia.

Evermarch Experience in Delivery to Malaysia


Your cargo will be sent to a customs warehouse for clearance once it arrives at Malaysia's airport or port. This is where customs officers will examine your package and shipping documentation to evaluate whether or not your goods are permitted to enter Malaysia.

1. Shipping document

You or your trucking partner, if they provide this service, will share this information into a Customs Declaration form and shipping label. Always double-check that the information you have submitted is correct. Incomplete documentation might cause your items to become stuck in customs. If the shipping firm returns the products to you, you may incur additional shipping expenses.

Many trustable Malaysia trucking services want to make your shipments' trip as smooth as possible, thus your next step should be to generate your trucking invoice. The main aim of the trucking invoice is to alert the destination country's customs about the commodities that are being imported. Make sure the package and its contents are clearly described.

Trucking Courier Delivery to Malaysia Documentations

If you want your shipment from Singapore to arrive in Malaysia securely, you must take this step. Begin by determining the weight and form of your package. Then fit the contents of your package neatly and safely and pack them in an appropriate packaging box. Seal all of the box's seams and edges, and if necessary, add a special handling label.

Please keep in mind that special handling labels will incur additional fees.

2. Non-commercial Use such as advertisement brochures, booklets magazines, etc.

If no business transaction is involved, send as DOX, which means the materials are not intended for resale in Malaysia.

Shipments to Malaysia for resale by publishers, publishing houses, or distributors should be sent using Worldwide Parcel Express (WPX).

Blank unrecorded cassettes are exempt from SST, but recorded entertainment, promotional, or training recordings are subject to a 30-35 percent tax and no SST. These transportations will require National Film Authority permission, which will be subject to Biosensors inspection. If the approval is acquired 4-8 weeks in advance, the consignee may be excused from tax.

3. Labels

Print and fasten the shipping label onto the parcel, which contains the information you submitted in the previous step (weight, location, etc). For customs inspection and identification, the addresses and barcodes on the trucking label must be visible. Ascertain that the transport documentation is present on the shipment.

Placing all supporting documents inside a transparent plastic pouch and taping them into the package is one method to achieve this. Do keep in mind that certain of these papers, such as the customs declaration and the business invoice, will require the signature of the sender.

Label on Boxes for Courier Services


During the delivery process, packages may be subjected to physical damages. Extra cushioning, such as bubble wrap, is highly recommended for delicate objects to prevent them from moving around or being jumbled up during transportation to Malaysia. You would not want your recipient to look disappointed upon receiving damaged goods right?

Cosmetics Leather Goods

Malaysia has enforced the limitation that any beauty items must be imported by a Cosmetic Notification Holder (CNH), who must be a Malaysian firm. Individuals are not permitted to transport Cosmetic Products.

The Pharmacy Department would delay a B2C cargo if it was imported by an individual. Any appeal must be made to the department directly.

All leather items are subject to charges of up to 25% import tax and 10% SST. Handbags and other leather bags, on the other hand, are duty-free with a 10% SST.

Mineral Samples, Medical Prescriptions, and other consumables

Prescription-free drugs at pharmacies

An approval from the Malaysian Government's Agricultural Department or Ministry of Health is required to import certain commodities, which include grains, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

These products are subject to a 0-10 percent import duty and a 0% SST. The Government Pharmacy Department and/or the Ministry of Health must provide its approval. The Ministry is only open during business hours from Monday to Friday. Expect a 48-hour wait on top of that.

Non-hazardous chemicals and oil products

The import tax is between 5% and 10%, while the SST is between 5% and 10%. Import approval is required from the Government of Chemistry Department.

Land transportation is frequently used for last-mile deliveries. Find a Malaysian last-mile partner (For example Evermarch Logistics) who can provide customers with a selection of delivery options as well as local understanding.

These options include delivery to parcel lockers or even leaving the box at the guardhouse of a gated community or condominium. By providing this, you may reduce the risks of the customer losing their shipment if they are not at home or at work at the time.

All of the stages needed for the delivery to Malaysia may appear to be hard, but having the appropriate trucking or delivery partners may make things much easier. You will be on your way to flawless delivery of your parcel to Malaysia if you work with dependable and capablepartners such as Evermarch Logistics at every step.

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